About the 2.7 Billion Pounds of energy savings

£2.7 Billion Pounds of energy savings per DECC!
WOW! Have you got your share yet?

Staggering isn’t it! By simply comparing your energy prices with other suppliers, you may find you can switch and save a good chunk of money. DECC says an average of £200 each person but some people who have never switched may be able to save more.

What’s more, it’s easy to do! Really! And it doesn’t take a great amount of time or effort. Try it out and see. Just enter your postcode in the box below. You will be asked for existing suppliers etc, but to test it, just choose default values and use the “I don’t know” options when needed. Click to view ALL suppliers prices and Viola! A whole range of comparisons right on your screen!

If you want to see how your own tariff compares, enter your own supply information, compare prices, then select a new supplier to switch to. After this, just wait until the new supplier contacts you.

Government is keen to help people save on energy bills and monitors competition carefully. So you should feel confident that switching suppliers is an easy and accepted way of saving money.

Try it out now!

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