£50 energy credit

Government proposals to knock £50 off energy bills

On 2nd December 2013 the UK Government announced plans to reduce costs for energy suppliers related to energy expenditures. This will result in a savings to energy customers of approximately £50 energy credit effective January 2014.

Price changes related to the £50 energy credit:

British Gas – Per the BG Blog dated 2nd December 2013 – BG will be passing on a £53 annual gas credit straight away. BG will also be cutting electricity prices by 3.2% from 1st January 2014 which will take off about £41 from the average bill. BG blog link.

SSE – SSE plans to reduce its household energy prices before the end of this financial year in line with the UK Government cost reductions related to green energy. SSE blog link

Npower – Npower will be reducing energy prices in line with the UK Government cost reductions. They are currently calculating the new prices. Npower press release link.

E.On – E.On has not announce a price rise since December 2012 and is the only major company to hold off so long. They are working through the calculations and will provide an update when they have the calculations completed. E.On UK Press Release link.

Scottish Power – SP said the ECO programme costs were £61 per household per year and the new changes will reduce this by half. Distribution costs will also go down and a £12 rebate will also be applied to all households. The overall effct of these changes is being calcuylated by SP and will be announced in the New Year.  Scottish Power press release link.

EDF – EDF has held back on the rising prices and customers will benefit from the impact of the Warm Front Discount. EDF press release link.


News on price changes is welcome, however, better price reductions are available by comparing and switching suppliers and/or tariffs.

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