Moving house?

Moving house?

Lots of things to do when moving house, but remember to take all meter readings when moving out of your old house and in to your new house. That’s for gas, water and electricity. Best to take a photo of the meter readings and make sure they are clear to read.

Your meters are used to record the amount of gas, electricity and water you use. Your closing readings are used to work out your final bill from your suppliers. Without these you may be charged for more usage than necessary.

You’ll also need to do the same for your new home. Find the meters and take pictures. The solicitors and estate agents will want these readings as well.

When you get in your new house, find out who the suppliers are and contact them to let them know you are the new account owner. Give them the meter readings too. And keep the record of meter readings, and reading date.

Then, as soon as possible, carry out a price comparison so you can decide whether to stay with existing suppliers or to select a more preferable tariff. There’s no point in paying more than you need to from the start. Some people can save £300 a year by switching to a cheaper supplier. How much can you save?

It’s easy to compare and switch by starting with your postcode and number of bedrooms in the calculator. Select the number of bedrooms in your house for estimated consumption.

All the best for your new house!



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Checked your energy prices recently?

Checked your energy prices recently?

Cooler weather = more energy used = bigger bills!

It’s a good time to see what can be done to keep energy prices and costs down as far as possible. Cooler weather means using more heating energy and we can therefore expect our energy costs to increase. 

Energy is measured in kilowatt hours and each energy bill shows how many kilowatt hours you have used. If you have access to your past bills you can see how many kWh’s you have used.

You can save some costs by keeping the usage of kWh’s down as much as possible by means of insulation improvements, double glazing, shared baths, etc.


TIP! But you can also save money simply by selecting a low price that you pay for your kilowatt hours that you use. And, luckily, it’s easy to do this using the Switchwise energy price comparison calculator.

Try it out! Look for the Postcode box (at right or below) and enter your energy information as required to have a look at what savings you may be able to make. If you don’t have exact energy usage available, try using the number of bedrooms as a guide.

Switchwise works with UKPower™ and Uswitch™ to provide a quick and easy price comparison service. Checking energy prices using an online comparison calculator is far easier than doing it manually.

Sadly, there are many people who do not benefit from the lower prices available. Many people are still loyal to their original suppliers without realising how much they could be saving with alternative suppliers for exactly the same energy.

So, try it out now, and I hope you find some great savings for the Winter bills!


Fixed tariff comparisons

How to compare Fixed Price Energy Tariffs?

With many fixed tariffs coming to an end, you may want to compare prices for a new fixed tariff. But it’s not quite as easy as going to an energy price comparison site.

Energy comparison sites add how much you will pay till the end of the fixed term, plus the rest of the year at the standard variable tariff. Then they compare this total with a full year on a new fixed tariff. So it’s not a like for like comparison.

Tip: Check your gas and electricity fixed tariff end date and take action to avoid being automatically switched to a higher variable rate.



Fixed tariffs are made up of several parts:

  1. The daily standing charge
  2. The unit rates
  3. Less any discounts

So, how to carry out a comparison between your expiring fixed tariff and a new fixed tariff?

  1. Get a hold of the above information for the old and new tariffs.
  2. Head over to the Fixed Tariff Comparisons page
  3. Enter the prices for old and new tariffs
  4. This will produce a side by side comparison with the new annual and monthly costs.

Switch to a new supplier by using any of our Postcode boxes. The prices available are the same as you get from the Supplier or from any other price comparison service.

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