Checklist to compare home energy prices

Checklist to compare home energy prices.


Comparing your home energy prices is not exactly straightforward and you need to gather some information ahead of time to be able to use in the online energy comparison service.

Because of this, Switchwise have created a handy checklist for you to use before you even go on the calculator. The checklist includes all the bits of information you need to put in the calculator before you get to the results page.


Check list to compare home energy prices -PDF


Items required are all shown on the pdf and include such things as:

  • Postcode
  • Services required
  • Existing supplier names
  • Current tariff names
  • How do you pay your bills at present
  • Do you have Economy 7 electric?
  • If so, what % electric night use?
  • Annual usages for gas and electric.
  • How do you want to pay bills in future?
  • Which tariffs do you want to see?

If you have all this, your data preparation is complete to here.

Start online with any postcode box on Enter the information and then click to view results.

Review results and select a new supplier and tariff. Keep a record of tariff selected and prices. Print the details page if possible.
Continue and complete the supplier application form. This is a Secure service. Have bill payment details ready.

Once you have completed the application and submitted it you will receive a confirmation email right away.

The new supplier(s) will contact you for meter readings, and the switch over day will be about 4 to 6 weeks from application date.


Check list to compare home energy prices – PDF