Energy Myth Busting

Energy Myth Busting

Energy Myth Busting

So you’ve set up your student house bills, you’ve switched to the ideal tariff and you know all there is to know about good energy saving habits. But it’s time to sort out the truth from the trash. Which housemate is claiming their habits actually save energy?

“Dishwashers waste energy and water.”
It’s official – the Centre for Sustainable Energy said so. Don’t be that guy that tries to ban everyone from using the dishwasher. It would actually use far more hot water to hand wash ALL those food-encrusted plates that your house mates have left out for a week. If you only use it with a full load, no more than once a day on a medium temperature, you’lll be saving money AND keeping your kitchen clean. Opting for an economy setting will also use less power and water. (If you’re even lucky to have a dishwasher of course.)

“I can’t switch energy provider in a rental property”
Ofgem states that you are legally entitled to switch energy suppliers. Of course, this is a different story if your landlord is responsible for your bills or there aren’t any other suppliers available. But, normally you CAN always switch. Your landlord is required to make you aware of any legal ties if a supplier is mentioned in your contract but Ofgem says that you are still entitled to change. Head to to get started.

“It’s not worth switching energy supplier, they’re all the same.”
LIES. Just like banks reward new customer with attractive interest rates, sticking with your old energy supplier won’t do you any favours. If you are an existing customer you will both likely have been moved on to a more expensive tariff. You aren’t rewarded for loyalty. Don’t be lazy, make sure you make the most of offers for new customers. Switching really isn’t as hard as you think- all you need to do is enter your postcode on

“Turning down the radiators will save us energy.”
Nope. If your thermostat is still turned up high your heating will still keep working until the room hits its specified temperature. Turning off radiators completely is also a bad plan as you’ll just be asking for mould to start growing in your student house.

“I can have long electric showers because they’re so much cheaper.”
Electric showers may save water heating costs but having a luxurious long shower may end up costing you just as much in electricity. No singing in the shower allowed I’m afraid.

“Turning up the thermostat will make the house heat faster.”
Don’t let yourself be tempted to ramp up your thermostat when you come to your freezing cold house. Your heating won’t work any faster, it will just be work for longer to reach a higher temperature. So it will cost you MORE without saving you any time. Not worth it. Get more energy saving tips here.