Compare electricity prices

How to compare home electricity prices

This page is for comparing home electricity prices for standard meters. If you have an economy 7 meter with day and night readings, please see our page on how to compare economy 7 tariffs. For business electricity, please see our business energy pages.


Before you compare electricity prices you need to know what supply you use at present.

  • You should have a recent electricity bill handy showing the Supplier, the tariff name, what your payment method is, the period of the bill, and how many kWh’s you used.
  • You need to know the Supplier name, and the Tariff name. You may be on a standard tariff but you may be on a special tariff. This is important to find out before you try and compare prices.
  • You need to know how many kilowatt hours you use, or the cost you pay in either an average month or a full year. A good estimate will do. Look at the bill dates, how many days, then work out how many kWh’s you would use in a year. Better still, if you have your annual supply statement this will tell you how many kWh’s you used in a year.

Now you can use the calculator to compare your electricity prices with all other electricity suppliers prices.

  • Start by entering your postcode in the box and clicking “Click to compare prices”
  • You will then be asked if you want to compare gas and electricity. Select electricity only, if that’s what you want to do.
  • You will be asked for the information you gathered before you started:
    • current supplier
    • current tariff
    • how you pay at present
    • do you have economy 7 – (If so, please see How to compare economy 7 home energy prices.)
    • how much electricity you use.
      • It’s best to use the kWh’s you calculated before you started but you do have options.
    • Next, select the payment method you want.
      • Monthly direct debit is usually cheapest payment method.
    • Finally, select “All available tariffs” to see every tariff available.

Now to get the detailed results page where you can compare electricity prices in order.

  • Your cost is shown at the top. Click to see tariff details.
  • The cheapest supplier is at the top of the list and shows the savings compared to the supplier and tariff you are on.
  • You can click on each supplier and get the full tariff details and cost calculation.
  • You can email the results list and bookmark the page if you want.

Final step – switch to a cheaper electricity tariff.

  • To switch to a new supplier, select the one you want and click Continue.
  • This opens an account application with the new supplier.
  • You then complete the details requested which are all on a secure server. (Check the web address is https and there is a little padlock next to the web address.)
  • Once complete, submit the application and you have done your part.

What happens after you have applied for a transfer?

  • The new supplier receives the application via secure encrypted electronic communication.
  • The new supplier will process your application and contact you directly with information about the transfer. This may take up to 14 days.
  • The new supplier will send you information and ask you to confirm some details.
  • The new supplier deals with all the administration required to move your account from the old supplier to the new supplier.
  • Finally, after about 4 to 6 weeks, you will receive notification from the ew supplier that you are “On supply”.
  • At this stage, the electricity you use will be charged at the new suppliers prices and you should see this shown clearly on your next bill from the new supplier.
  • Job done!

Try it out now and see how much you can save!

Gas and electricity bills savings calculator.

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