Electricity prices per kWh

How to get electricity prices per kWh

A. Domestic electricity prices per kWh

  • The quickest way, to get ALL domestic electricity prices, per kWh, for ALL Suppliers in the region you want, is to get to run a quick price comparison. It’s easy and quick!.

  • The results page lists ALL domestic suppliers prices including electricity prices per kWh and really is full of the details you are looking for.

Simple steps Process:
  1. Enter your postcode to start.
  2. On the next page, use the defaults and select medium usage when asked. For payment types select Show All tariffs, and to compare select All available tariffs. (Note that prices are different depending on how you pay and the tariff you choose.)
  3. You will then reach the results page which lists all suppliers in order of cost. Click on each tariff to get electricity prices per kWh for each supplier. Done!


If you want to take advantage of lower electricity prices per kWh, use your existing supply information for the calculation, then select and switch to a new supplier with better prices.

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B. Business electricity prices per kWh

There are several options and here which will give good results.


  1. The easiest option is to make a phone call. You will be connected to an energy specialist who spends all day researching prices from a variety of different suppliers for customers. He or she will be able to give you business electricity prices per kWh for your business. This service provides an easy way to compare prices and to switch over to cheaper tariffs.

    For Business electricity prices per kWh call 0800 021 3246

  2. Option two is to use the online pricing service that we have available. Have your MPAN ready to enter in the calculator. This will then check available prices and show you the costs on screen. In this case you only see the total cost for the number of kWh’s you put in for the consumption. To get a detailed breakdown you need to call 0800 021 3246.
  3. Option 3 is to request a call back. Start at online pricing service and look for the Call Back option. Fill that in and a specialist will call you back very quickly.
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