Gas bill calculator

Gas bill calculator

Calculate your gas bill based on meter readings.

Have you ever wanted to know how much your gas bill is costing without waiting for your monthly bill? Or how much the gas costs between two dates? If so, here’s a simple way of doing it using this gas bill calculator.

  • First, take a meter reading at the start and end dates of the period to check. You can do this by taking a photo. And you may as well take a photo of the electric meter at the same time.
  • Then go to our Gas bill calculator by clicking here.
  • On that page, enter the start and end meter readings, and the cost per kilowatt hour that you pay (per your bill).
  • This gives you an estimate of what the gas has cost between your two meter readings. So you know roughly what your gas bill for that period will be.

You may be able to lower your bills by checking how your tariff compares to other suppliers. Why pay more than you need to?

Try this price comparison calculator:

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