Home energy efficiency tips for May

Home energy efficiency tips for May!

Save money on energy bills!

Now the weather is getting better we can spend some time checking our home energy efficiency. A few things that are important are:

1 Loft insulation! – Recommended up to 270mm. If there are loft floorboards they need to be raised to allow adequate thickness of insulation.

2 Drafts! – Find them, fix them! Drafty doors and windows, and around skirting boards need to be sealed to prevent the heat disappearing outside.

3 Lights bulbs! – Still got the old type bulbs? It’s worth considering new LED lights or energy saving light bulbs. Energy Savings Trust has loads of great energy saving ideas.

Thermostats – Do you use your thermostat during colder weather? This gadget keeps your home temperature down to a level you are comfortable with and helps stop over use of gas or electric heating

Cavity Walls – So much heat goes out through the walls that it’s important to check that your walls are okay. More details on Energy Savings Trust

Roof insulation – Some older houses only have tiles on the roof and no felt layer or insulation. You can see daylight through the gaps. In winter, this is a major heat loss area, and together with inadequate loft insulation, it is the number 1 heat loss in homes. Check your roof insulation and make sure it is up to efficient standards.

All the above items are covered in detail on the Energy Savings Trust website which contains these and many more items useful to homeowners and business.

Check the price you pay for energy? – One of the biggest savings comes from checking your energy prices. So may people lose by simply sticking to their old energy supplier and on their most expensive tariff. Have you checked how much you could save? It doesn’t take long. You can try it here:

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