How to compare gas and electric prices

How to compare gas and electric prices?.

You can compare gas and electricity prices in various ways.

  1. You could get a list of all the suppliers in your area, phone them up, and ask them to send you their tariff details. There are around 30 suppliers, although not all will supply your area. And each supplier has prices for different types of meter, different tariff names, and different payment types. So the range of prices is huge! Imagine trying to obtain all this information and make any sense of it all!
  2. Or, you can use an energy price comparison service. These services have done exactly that. They keep up to date prices, for every home energy supplier, and for all tariff types. They make it very easy to compare every single available price option in your postcode area.

So how do you do it?

  1. Easy. First of all, get an idea of how many kilowatt hours of gas and electricity you use. Get this from you bills. The bills tell you how much you use. Try and work out how much you’ve used over the last year. But there is an option if you don’t have this information, which is to use the average consumption figures provided when you use any of the energy price comparison sites like ours.
  2. Start the online process by entering your postcode. After this the next page asks for your current suppliers and consumption, or you can use estimates, and page 3 gives you a complete list of all available suppliers. You can then select the cheapest supplier you like and continue on to the application forms. In 4 to 6 weeks you will be on the cheaper tariffs. Happy savings!
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