Moving house?

Moving house?

Lots of things to do when moving house, but remember to take all meter readings when moving out of your old house and in to your new house. That’s for gas, water and electricity. Best to take a photo of the meter readings and make sure they are clear to read.

Your meters are used to record the amount of gas, electricity and water you use. Your closing readings are used to work out your final bill from your suppliers. Without these you may be charged for more usage than necessary.

You’ll also need to do the same for your new home. Find the meters and take pictures. The solicitors and estate agents will want these readings as well.

When you get in your new house, find out who the suppliers are and contact them to let them know you are the new account owner. Give them the meter readings too. And keep the record of meter readings, and reading date.

Then, as soon as possible, carry out a price comparison so you can decide whether to stay with existing suppliers or to select a more preferable tariff. There’s no point in paying more than you need to from the start. Some people can save £300 a year by switching to a cheaper supplier. How much can you save?

It’s easy to compare and switch by starting with your postcode and number of bedrooms in the calculator. Select the number of bedrooms in your house for estimated consumption.

All the best for your new house!



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