Your responsibility for business energy costs

Don’t be irresponsible with your business energy (gas and electricity) costs!

business energy costsIt’s easy to overlook savings available when you are very busy just running the business, creating products, and selling to customers.

But business profits also depend on costs being as low as possible, and business energy costs are some of the largest costs for many of us.

It’s easy to deal with this responsibilityjust call to 0800 156 0861 and one of our dedicated team of experts will analyze your requirements and find the best prices available. (more…)

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Check energy prices

Month-end is always a good time to check energy prices and see if savings are available.

energy price checkYou can check energy prices and savings in your postcode area quite easily – just enter the postcode and supply information to see savings available. It’s also easy to switch to a new supplier, all within a few minutes.

There’s no commitment to just look and see. It’s only if you decide to go ahead with the switch that you enter the detailed information required by the new supplier. After that, the new supplier takes care of everything else. (more…)

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