Will the UK be the European leaders in solar photovoltaic installations?

Will the UK be the European leaders in solar photovoltaic installations?

According to NPD Solarbuzz, the UK could emerge as the biggest solar photovoltaic (electricity) market in Europe in 2014. This it the hopeful projection based on the large number that have already been installed and agreed installations for this year. If nothing else, the financial gain to be made from photovoltaic installations is incentive on it’s own.

This year alone the UK is predicted to install 2.875 GW of solar photovoltaic whereas Germany will only install 2.6 GW during the same period. In the UK, over 120 large megawatt projects recently gained planning permission, many of which will be realised in the latter part of 2014. In addition there are a large number of planning applications currently in the pipeline that are awaiting decisions.

Small solar photovoltaic installations also drive growth of the UK photovoltaic market, this is partly because the installations benefit from the government’s feed-in-tariff that is still comparably favourable at the moment, and that’s the good bit. Feed-in-tariffs benefit renewable energy installations in many ways. Firstly, you as an owner (or potential owner) of a solar photovoltaic system earn a fixed amount for every kilowatt hour of electricity you generate (generation tariff).

Every kilowatt hour of electricity that’s sold back to the grid earns you an additional fixed income (export tariff). If your equipment can’t generate enough electricity during peak times then you still can buy electricity from your energy supplier at their normal rates, but this will be significantly lower than what you paid them before.

The next feed-in-tariff cut will be in April 2015, so act now if you want to see a return on Energy.