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Gas cost calculations

Gas is just there isn’t it? We don’t go out and buy it like groceries or petrol. It’s there at our gas ovens or boilers on demand and we just go ahead and use it.

That’s fine during the summer when it’s warm, but during the winter months we use far more gas to warm the house to a comfortable level.

So here’s a way of keeping tabs on gas used. It’s based on the actual meter readings and converts these in to actual costs using the conversion factors used by Government and Suppliers. Further notes follow below the calculator.

The Big Six Explained

Within the UK, there are 6 large companies who dominate the energy market; they supply around 95% of all household energy but who are they? They’re household names that everyone recognises, but are also known as ”the big six”. The control they have over the market leaves only a tiny portion to be served by the remaining 12 suppliers.

British Gas
As the UK’s largest supplier, British Gas is the most recognisable UK name with nearly 10 million customers. Part of the British-owned Centrica Group, a huge company also involved in gas and oil exploration and production employing 33,000 people. Profits were £571m for domestic supply in 2013.

Npower is part of the German power giant RWE; one of the five largest energy companies in Europe. Providing energy to 3.5 million customers in the UK they are one of the major providers of energy used in the UK. Profits were £134m for domestic supply in 2013. Last year RWE decided against building any new nuclear power plants in the UK.

SSE was formed in 1998 after the merger of Scottish Hydro and Southern Electric, later adding Swalec to the stable. Generating power and supplying, like the other major UK suppliers. Profits were £318m for domestic supply 2012-13. They employ about 18,500 people in the UK and recently vowed to keep variable tariffs frozen at current price levels until 2016.

Scottish Power
In 2007 Scottish Power became part of the Spanish energy giant Iberdrola. They’re one of the largest UK energy suppliers with profits of £128.5m for domestic supply in 2012.

German company E.On also own the UK company E.On who used to be known as Powergen, but switched to E.On UK in 2007.
12,000 people employed in the UK and 79,000 worldwide, generating and supplying energy including wave power. Like RWE, they recently ruled out building a new nuclear plant in the UK.With profits of £296m for domestic supply in 2013.

As a French state-owned energy company, their UK operations are an owned accessory of EDF Energy, supplying around 5.5 million domestic and business customers in the UK. EDF runs eight nuclear power stations in the UK. Profits were at a £92m loss for domestic supply in 2012.

Although these Big Six monopolize the market, there are 12 other suppliers in the UK! Use our price comparison calculator to see if you could be using a new provider and saving money!

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Go Energy Shopping Campaign – Switchwise UK

We all like to make sure we’re getting the best deal, right?

When it’s time to get a new phone contract do you shop around for the best deal you can find? Perhaps argue a little with the rep on the phone? When you come to the renew your TV subscription do you at least look at other providers before deciding you like your deal? 

That’s why we shop around for energy prices too, in fact we think it’s even more important because unlike a mobile network service, energy is always going to be the same quality, regardless of the provider.

The Big Six energy providers have taken over the market and make it seem like there are no other options when in fact there are dozens of energy suppliers in the UK! That’s why we suggest you should act now and get the best deal for yourself.

Using a Price Comparison Calculator, you can find out the best deal for you and browse other energy providers and their offers. We think you shouldn’t just settle because you recognise the name or because you’ve been with them for 10 years, it’s all the same energy – it shouldn’t cost you a premium just because you’re provider says so!

Try out our Switchwise energy price comparison calculator to help you do your energy shopping!

Try it out now! Use estimates for how much you use.

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