Can Anyone Switch Energy Suppliers?

Can anyone switch energy suppliers? Of course! As with anything else you buy, there are choices on gas and electricity prices available.

By looking around and comparing other providers prices you may be able to save money buying your Electricity and/or Gas from another Supplier. Changing energy suppliers is easy to do and there is a great choice of gas and electricity suppliers and tariffs to choose from. With so much choice, makes it easy to compare all tariffs, quickly, easily and for free.

1. Have a current energy bill to hand for reference
2. Enter your postcode into our energy savings calculator.
3. Skip over selecting your actual address if you prefer.
4. Enter your current energy provider and your energy usage on the following page.
5. Input the size of your home, how you would like to pay your bill
6. No personal details required until you decide to switch – not even your email address!
7. Compare
8. Switch
9. Save

Switching does not involve any changes to your property, or how your gas and electricity gets to you. The only things that change are the company that sends you the bill and the amount you pay!

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