Cheaper bills


Compare gas and electricity suppliers to get cheaper bills

Who doesn’t want cheaper bills? Some of our customers save £300 or more a year by switching gas and electricity supplier. Your energy bill savings can depend on the region you live in, the amount of gas and electricity you use and the tariff type you select. Energy suppliers often offer direct debit customers a discount and people who choose to pay their bills online also benefit from a lower rate due to the suppliers’ reduced administration costs.

Reduce your gas and electricity bills

There are a number of steps that you can take to reduce your energy bills:

  1. Pay by Direct Debit
  2. Consider dual fuel tariffs (gas and electricity from the same supplier)
  3. Opt for online billing (bills on the web or by email rather than by post)

The energy comparison and switching service enables you to compare all options available and make a choice that suits your requirements.

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