How to switch energy suppliers

Many people are daunted by the concept of switching suppliers because of old horror stories about how your current energy supplier will react and the long drawn out conversations over the phone convincing you not to go, or simply telling you ”you can’t” or being billed twice! When you use the Switchwise price comparison calculator, your new chosen supplier does all the work for you and then lets you know when the job is complete! Not as complicated or stress inducing as first thought if you follow the steps below.

1) Gather your existing supplier information because our calculator is going to ask you details about your current energy deals, like your current supplier, the tariff you’re on and how much energy you use.

2) Enter all of your details into the Switchwise calculator that you will find on the right hand side of most pages, Enter your postcode to get started.

3) Once you’ve answered the basic questions you”ll be shown what your current energy bill projection is for the year are, and the best deal for you. And below you will see a long list of results with the cheapest at the top. You can get a more detailed view of each deal by clicking continue.

4) Once you’ve decided on which supplier to go with, just click the ‘Continue’ button which takes you to the switching application form, and click ”Apply for this tariff”.

5) After filling in a few personal details in our secure form you will receive a confirmation email for your chosen switch with information about what happens next, and if you change your mind, you have 14 days to stop the switch.

6) New suppliers are keen to welcome you on board so they will be in contact with you within the first week after application date, however your actual switch over date can be anything between 4 to 6 weeks after the application date, because everything needs to process through a central office which keeps a record of customers and suppliers.

Keep your eyes open for the new supplier information and look forward to cheaper energy payments!

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