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We show you all gas and electricity suppliers and tariffs available, regardless of whether they pay us commission. If however, there is an energy supplier that you want to switch to and we can help you, we make the gas and electricity switching process simple. We do receive a commission from most suppliers if we help you to switch energy supplier. However, this in no way impacts the price that you pay. On the contrary, some gas and electricity suppliers make tariffs available through this website, that they do not offer if you go directly to them.

Accurate and comprehensive prices

We get prices directly from all energy suppliers and update them on our database straight away. This means that you can be confident that the as and electricity prices that you see are the current offers from the gas and electricity suppliers.

Taking the strain

When you switch your energy supplier through us, we handle the process with the energy supplier. We do all the paperwork in order to start the gas and electricity switching process on your behalf and we pass this information on to the new supplier.

If you have any queries or concerns about your energy switch, we are here to help.

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