British Gas low fixed-price energy

British Gas is offering a low fixed-price energy deal.

It may be a surprised to find that one of the lowest fixed-price energy deals is offered by British Gas.

This tariff can be found by running a price comparison on the Switchwise Price Comparison Service. It may not be the cheapest tariff available but it’s right up there with the others.

British Gas used to have a monopoly to supply gas to all the UK Customers until deregulation came in 20 years ago. (1996-1999). Since then, customers have been gradually moving away to new suppliers. Initially, these were the 14 regional electricity suppliers and later evolving to dozens of new companies set up to take a share of the supply market by offering lower prices.

But having carried out a live comparison at the end of a fixed-price tariff with one of these speciality suppliers, it comes as a welcome surprise to find that British Gas offer such an attractive fixed price tariff to compete for customers to attract them back.

To see how much you can save, enter your postcode, then follow the screens. You will arrive at the full and comprehensive list of suppliers tariffs and savings available in your postcode area. Check out the British Gas fixed-price energy deal and also the other suppliers’ prices, then switch to the one you prefer.

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