Compare energy prices? Why not indeed?

Pros and cons about why it’s good to compare energy prices

Stubborn energy switcherReasons not to switch:

  • Couldn’t be bothered
  • Takes too much time
  • Might cause complications with my account
  • I won’t save much anyway
  • I’m loyal to my existing suppliers

Thumbs up switchReasons why it’s good to switch:

  • Save you a bunch of money – for no cost and very little effort
  • It’s not difficult – yes some people have issues but the vast majority have a smooth transfer
  • It’s good to try new suppliers – new service levels and packages
  • New suppliers are keen to attract new customers with special deals
  • It’s easy to company energy prices

So, why not give it a go? Might be worth it!

The thing is that suppliers all want your account. If you stay with one supplier without shopping around, you may well be paying more than you need to for your gas and electricity. Customer loyalty is not necessarily rewarded with the lowest prices. On the contrary, if you have been with the same suppliers for many years, the prices you are paying may have gone out of date so you’re on a high rate tariff without knowing it. The way to check is to quickly compare energy prices using estimated usages in the comparison calculators.

To compare energy prices for your home –

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To compare energy prices for your business –

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