Switch gas and electricity suppliers

Switch gas and electricity suppliers to save money on your home energy bills!

Switch gas and electricity suppliers to start saving money! With more than 15 UK energy providers, why pay more than you have to for your energy?

Five easy Steps!

1. Grab  your latest bill, or use an estimate of how much you spend or use.

  • It’s best to have an estimate of how many kilowatt hours you use in a year.

2. Enter your postcode and other supply information to get your area prices.

  • Note that prices are different in the UK’s 14 regions.

3. Get results and look at details including how much you will save.

  • There’s every bit of information for ALL suppliers so you can make an informed choice.

4. Select a cheaper supplier and complete their online application.

  • Online applications to switch gas and electricity suppliers are collected on secure servers protected by data security.

5. Job done!

  • Most suppliers contact you by email in a few days and the entire transfer takes between 3 to 6 weeks to be fully completed.

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