Compare your home energy prices in just a few clicks. Savings may be considerable.

Compare home energy prices

This is a free energy price comparison service

By Switchwise®  |  UKPower®  |  Uswitch®

Your Postcode tells the calculator which regional prices to use.

Many people are daunted by the concept of switching suppliers but Switchwise makes it easy! Using an energy price comparison service is far easier than comparing prices individually!

Just start by entering your postcode.

Once you have signed up your new supplier will take care of the transfer work and will let you know the exact transfer date.

More information about comparing and switching.

1) Existing supplier information.

Gather your existing supplier information. Look at a bill and see what the name of your tariff is. Then, if you can, work out how much energy you use in kilowatt hours. But you can also use estimates in the calculator by house size. After you enter your Postcode, the next page is going to ask you details about your current energy deals like your current supplier, the tariff you’re on and how much energy you use. Get this information ready first.

2) * Why do you need to enter your postcode into the Postcode box?

It’s because this is used to find the Region you are in because prices vary in different Regions. You will find a Postcode box on the home page or on the right hand side of most pages. Find an active box and just enter your postcode to get started. Or try this one:

3) The next page after Postcode is to select the existing supply details –

The calculator takes you through various questions so it knows what to compare new prices with.

4) Right after this, you get the Results on the next page –

You will be shown what your current energy bill projections are for the year, plus the best deal for you. And below you will see a large list of results. You can get a more detailed view of each deal by clicking the continue buttons. [br]

Tip: Select “Show me the whole market” in the left column to see all available prices and comparisons.

Tip: Spend a bit of time on this screen looking at the various suppliers and the tariff options. Once you have decided which supplier to select, then go to next step.

5) Apply for a cheaper tariff

Once you’ve decided on which supplier to go with, just click the ‘Choose this tariff’ button which takes you to the switching application. this is on a secure server and once it’s completed it goes to the new supplier.

5) Final completion

After submitting the secure application form you will receive a confirmation email for your chosen switch with information about what happens next. You have 14 days to stop the switch if you change your mind.

6) Job done! Wait for new supplier to contact you

New suppliers are keen to welcome you on board so they will be in contact with you within the first week after application date, however your actual switch over date can be anything between 4 to 6 weeks after the application date, because everything needs to process through a central office which keeps a record of customers and suppliers Nationwide.

Keep your eyes open for the new supplier information and look forward to cheaper energy payments!

Compare home energy prices, switch and save some money.

  • * Gas and electricity can be bought from different suppliers.
  • * Each supplier charges different rates.
  • * The easiest way to compare the different home energy prices rates is to use an online comparison calculator. That’s us!
  • * These calculators are linked in to the suppliers latest tariffs and they show you full details of all options available.
  • * The beauty of this process is that it only takes seconds to get results.
  • * Whereas, if you try and do it yourself, it takes ages and ages just to get all the tariff details, let alone work out all the calculations!
  • * So, if you would like to check if you are already on a good tariff, or if you’d like to see if you can save money, just try this calculator.
  • * It’s a free service and has been going since 2001 so it’s well tried and reliable.
  • * The only time you are asked for any personal information is when you sign up to switch to a new supplier, but this is all done on secure servers which makes this safe and secure.

Compare home energy prices

This is a free energy price comparison service

By Switchwise®  |  UKPower®  |  Uswitch®

Your Postcode tells the calculator which regional prices to use.