It’s time to check your gas and electric charges

Check energy bill on mobile phoneThe end of Summer is a good time to check you’re on a good tariff for your gas and electric bills. Temperatures drop and you’ll need to start using the heating. The good news is that it’s quite easy to check and see if you can get cheaper prices. And you might be able to save quite a bit of money doing this.
  • First, click the link below or to the right which takes you to the start of the checking process.
  • Next, enter your postcode so the calculator knows what area you’re in. Prices are different in different areas.
  • Then enter who you are with at present, how much gas and/or electric you use and the other information required. Use good estimates if you don’t have exact amounts.
  • After the entries are in, select “See Results” to see how much you can save. There’s loads of useful information and suppliers and tariffs are listed in order of the greatest savings available to you.
  • At this stage, continue to switch to a new supplier if you see savings you like. The switching process can be completed right online.
  • After that’s done, just wait for the new supplier to contact you and switch you over to the new rates. And look forward to paying lower prices for your energy bills in future!
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How to check your energy savings

Have you checked your energy savings recently?

If you’ve switched before, you know how easy it is to compare gas and electric prices and find energy savings.

If you haven’t switched before, try a sample to see what the potential is.

Only 3 steps to check energy savings:

  1. Click the link below to enter your postcode.
  2. Answer the questions about your current supply.
  3. Click the “See Results” button. It really is that quick!

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British Gas low fixed-price energy

British Gas is offering a low fixed-price energy deal.

It may be a surprise to find that one of the lowest fixed-price energy deals is offered by British Gas.

This tariff can be found by running a price comparison on the Switchwise Price Comparison Service. It may not be the cheapest tariff available but it’s right up there with the others.

British Gas used to have a monopoly to supply gas to all the UK Customers until deregulation came in 20 years ago. (1996-1999). Since then, Read more