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Checked your energy prices recently?

Cooler weather = more energy used = bigger bills! It’s a good time to see what can be done to keep energy prices and costs down as far as possible. Cooler weather means using more heating energy and we can therefore expect our energy costs to increase.  Energy is measured in kilowatt hours and each energy bill shows how many …

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Is action required on your energy bills?

Is action required on your energy bills! If you are on an expiring fixed tariff, you should compare prices and find the next tariff to use. If you do not take action, your energy company may roll you over on to their standard variable rate which may cost far more. Your Postcode Compare   Please like & share:

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Fixed tariff comparisons

Fixed Price Comparisons. How to compare Fixed Price Energy Tariffs? With many fixed tariffs coming to an end, you may want to compare prices for a new fixed tariff. But it’s not quite as easy as going to an energy price comparison site. Energy comparison sites add how much you will pay till the end of the fixed term, plus …

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