Fixed tariff comparisons

How to compare Fixed Price Energy Tariffs?

With many fixed tariffs coming to an end, you may want to compare prices for a new fixed tariff. But it’s not quite as easy as going to an energy price comparison site.

Energy comparison sites add how much you will pay till the end of the fixed term, plus the rest of the year at the standard variable tariff. Then they compare this total with a full year on a new fixed tariff. So it’s not a like for like comparison.

Tip: Check your gas and electricity fixed tariff end date and take action to avoid being automatically switched to a higher variable rate.



Fixed tariffs are made up of several parts:

  1. The daily standing charge
  2. The unit rates
  3. Less any discounts

So, how to carry out a comparison between your expiring fixed tariff and a new fixed tariff?

  1. Get a hold of the above information for the old and new tariffs.
  2. Head over to the Fixed Tariff Comparisons page
  3. Enter the prices for old and new tariffs
  4. This will produce a side by side comparison with the new annual and monthly costs.

Switch to a new supplier by using any of our Postcode boxes. The prices available are the same as you get from the Supplier or from any other price comparison service.

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It’s time to check your energy prices!

Energy price check:

With colder weather coming, we’ll all be using more heating, so energy bills will increase. There’s no point paying more than necessary for energy, so it’s a good time to carry out a quick check you’re on the best tariffs and energy prices for your property.

Process for checking energy prices:

  • Enter your postcode below to select your region
  • Enter your existing supply details or just use close estimates
  • See a list of all available tariffs for your region
  • Decide if your can save by switching supplier
  • If so, proceed to application then just wait to hear from new supplier.

Free energy price comparison service by
SwitchwiseTM | UKPowerTM | UswitchTM

About the 2.7 Billion Pounds of energy savings

£2.7 Billion Pounds of energy savings per DECC!
WOW! Have you got your share yet?

Staggering isn’t it! By simply comparing your energy prices with other suppliers, you may find you can switch and save a good chunk of money. DECC says an average of £200 each person but some people who have never switched may be able to save more.

What’s more, it’s easy to do! Really! And it doesn’t take a great amount of time or effort. Try it out and see. Just enter your postcode in the box below. You will be asked for existing suppliers etc, but to test it, just choose default values and use the “I don’t know” options when needed. Click to view ALL suppliers prices and Viola! A whole range of comparisons right on your screen!

If you want to see how your own tariff compares, enter your own supply information, compare prices, then select a new supplier to switch to. After this, just wait until the new supplier contacts you.

Government is keen to help people save on energy bills and monitors competition carefully. So you should feel confident that switching suppliers is an easy and accepted way of saving money.

Try it out now!

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Student Energy Supply: Registering your energy providers

Student Energy Supply

Feeling completely lost? No idea how to even start sorting out your bills? You’re not alone. Learning about how to navigate bills is an essential (if boring) life skill and Switchwise is here to make it easier and cheaper! In order to get the best deal by switching you first have to register your property with the current energy provider.

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Student Energy: Saving Money Through Your Tariff

Sorting out your energy bills is much like revision – it isn’t the most interesting thing in the world, but you’ll seriously appreciate the results. Before you even start changing your habits to save energy, check out these tips to optimise your tariff.

1. Direct debit is your friend. It will help you skip late payment charges and force you to budget properly. However, make sure that you’re prepared for the money to leave your account. You don’t want any nasty surprises. It’s a good idea to set up a joint account for it. 

2. Paperless accounts mean that all your bills are delivered online. This is a great plan way to avoid losing your all important bill amongst all those takeaway pizza offers. Most importantly, managing your energy account online could save you up to 10% on your bill! As long as you know when you are due a bill and you check your e-mails regularly, this is a really easy way to save money.

3. Be aware of the pros and cons of different tariffs. ‘Standard’ tariffs are often the most expensive but they are ideal if you want a flexible contract. However, be wary of price hikes that might affect your bills! If you want to avoid massive price changes during your contract then think about a ‘fixed tariff.’ However, these often have nasty exit fees.

4. Dual tariffs. argue that customers with dual tariffs save the most money on their bills. This means that you have the same supplier for both gas and electricity. Many suppliers encourage this and offer the best deal with this option. However, Which? encourages users to be aware that discounted dual tariffs might not necessarily be any cheaper than using separate suppliers for gas and electricity. Confused? Luckily, Switchwise will do all the work for you. Find the best option for your postcode on our free Energy Price Comparison Service.

Try it out now! Use estimates if you don’t have exact usage numbers.

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