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Check your energy savings  and switch to a cheaper tariff using this free service.

Start by entering you postcode below – This is so the calculator knows what region you are in. Then just go through the calculator questions one after another in order. It’s not difficult but you need to take the time to reach the savings and then complete the transfer form. If you have your own information handy this can be done in full in about 10 minutes. Or select from the estimates shown.

Gas and electricity bills savings calculator.

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How can I save on my gas and electricity bills?

Since 1998 when the Government introduced competition between energy suppliers, people have been free to switch from one supplier to another. It’s a bit like buying groceries, you look for the best store with the best prices and quality, and you buy there. With energy suppliers, it’s a little more involved to make the comparisons because:

  • Prices vary depending on how you pay your bills. Monthly direct debit is usually less, and of course it’s much easier to pay monthly bills automatically.

  • Different meter types have different prices. So economy 7 tariffs are different from standard tariffs.

  • Each region in the country has it’s own prices, which is way the calculator asks for postcode first to see what region you are in.

  • Suppliers have different pricing structures. Some charge more for the first number of kilowatt hours used, and then a lower price for the rest used each month. Others charge one price throughout.

  • Suppliers have a basic cost to cover such as the payments they make to meter readers and to the maintenance companies who are different from the supply companies. These standard charges vary between suppliers.

  • Suppliers give a range of discounts for different reasons.

  • Suppliers are continually adjusting their prices and it’s very hard for most people to keep track.

So, in summary, it’s a big job to keep track of all the different variables.

The good news is that Government knows it’s hard and has made it easy by authorising the Price Comparison Services to keep track of every piece of supplier data and put it in a big database of energy suppliers prices. This database is used by simply entering a postcode and your own payment set-up to give you a full picture of every price available in your region.

It’s quite an easy job to make energy price comparisons using one of these online services.

Try it out now, and just use the best information you have, just to see how it works. Then later you can use your correct details for a correct comparison, and then you can switch to a better tariff.

Free comparison service by
SwitchwiseTM | UKPowerTM | UswitchTM