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Start by setting up a house, then a room, then select an item. E.g. Kitchen, Toaster. Then put in, say, 1 hour, and see the result list start up on the right side.

  • Purpose of this calculator: You want to estimate how much it costs to run all the electrical items in a house over a period of time.
  • Using this calculator, you can create “Rooms” and add “Items” and usage, and you can calculate the result over a number of days.
  • This calculator should only to be used as a guide and no reliance should be placed on results without double checking results.
  • You can get back to your “house” later on using your email address.
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A lot of electrical equipment on thermostats goes “on” and “off” as the thermostat kicks in. It’s only the “on” time period that you pay electricity for. E.g. an electric fire may be working all day but only going “on” and producing heat for half that time. Each case is different so care must be taken when estimating “on” time periods. This applies to fridges, ovens, but not light bulbs, toasters and hair dryers for example.

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