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Compare energy prices

Enter your UK Postcode to tell the calculator which regional prices to use to work out your price comparisons.

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Running cost calculators


Cost of operating electrical items

These Electricity Running Cost Calculators help you work out how much it costs to run electrical items. For single items, or options for multiple items in multiple rooms in homes and businesses.

Real energy price comparisons


Fixed tariff comparisons

This fixed tariff comparison calculator enables you to compare your old or existing tariffs with new tariffs, without adjustments for end of tariff price changes.

Fixed energy tariff ending?

Fixed energy tariff comparison? Want to compare your old monthly bills with a new tariff? Energy price comparison sites will show you savings by switching, but these savings are calculated on the assumption that if you do not switch, you will go on to a more expensive variable rate tariff with the same supplier for the remainder of a 12 month …

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Home energy efficiency tips for May

Terraced House Med Ss

Home energy efficiency tips for May! Save money on energy bills! Now the weather is getting better we can spend some time checking our home energy efficiency. A few things that are important are: 1 Loft insulation! – Recommended up to 270mm. If there are loft floorboards they need to be raised to allow adequate thickness of insulation. 2 Drafts! …

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It’s time to check your energy prices!

Autumn Weather 1

Energy price check: With colder weather coming, we’ll all be using more heating, so energy bills will increase. There’s no point paying more than necessary for energy, so it’s a good time to carry out a quick check you’re on the best tariffs and energy prices for your property. Process for checking energy prices: Enter your postcode below to select …

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