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Welcome to Switchwise Energy Price Comparison site. We offer free calculators to calculate energy savings and electricity running costs.

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Energy price comparisons

This section is the main Energy Price Comparison Calculator. Just enter your UK Postcode to tell the calculator which regional prices to use to work out your price comparisons.

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Running cost calculators


Cost of operating electrical items

These Electricity Running Cost Calculators help you work out how much it costs to run electrical items. For single items, or options for multiple items in multiple rooms in homes and businesses.

Real energy price comparisons


Fixed tariff comparisons

This fixed tariff comparison calculator enables you to compare your old or existing tariffs with new tariffs, without adjustments for end of tariff price changes.

So many energy suppliers, and so many energy deals, yet so easy to compare!

It’s amazing really! Energy price comparison services make it easy to compare a vast range of suppliers and prices, and all with just a few entries on their websites. There are around 30 energy suppliers and each have different rates for different meter types, different payment types, and different consumption levels. Trying to compare all the relevant prices for your own …

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How to compare gas and electric prices

How to compare gas and electric prices?. You can compare gas and electricity prices in various ways. You could get a list of all the suppliers in your area, phone them up, and ask them to send you their tariff details. There are around 30 suppliers, although not all will supply your area. And each supplier has prices for different …

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About the 2.7 Billion Pounds of energy savings

£2.7 Billion Pounds of energy savings per DECC! WOW! Have you got your share yet? Staggering isn’t it! By simply comparing your energy prices with other suppliers, you may find you can switch and save a good chunk of money. DECC says an average of £200 each person but some people who have never switched may be able to save more. …

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