Checked your energy prices recently?

Cooler weather = more energy used = bigger bills!

It’s a good time to see what can be done to keep energy prices and costs down as far as possible. Cooler weather means using more heating energy and we can therefore expect our energy costs to increase.

Energy is measured in kilowatt hours and each energy bill shows how many kilowatt hours you have used. If you have access to your past bills you can see how many kWh’s you have used.

You can save some costs by keeping the usage of kWh’s down as much as possible by means of insulation improvements, double glazing, shared baths, etc.


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Is action required on your energy bills?

Is action required on your energy bills, especially if you are on an expiring fixed tariff…..

you should compare prices and find the next tariff to use.

If you don’t act, your energy company will very likely move you over to their standard variable rate which may cost far more.

Fixed tariffs are just that, fixed price and fixed expiry date. Unless you choose a new tariff at the end of the fixed tariff, your supplier will probably put you on a standard default tariff which will be more expensive than other tariffs available.

Instead of slipping over in to a standard variable tariff, it’s best to check your options by running an energy price comparison.

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So many energy suppliers and tariffs, yet so easy to compare!

It’s amazing! Energy price comparison services make it easy to compare a vast range of suppliers and prices, and all with just a few entries on their websites.

There are around 30 energy suppliers and each have different rates for different meter types, different payment types, and different consumption levels. Trying to compare all the relevant prices for your own needs can be a nightmare unless you are very determined and have plenty of time. For many people, the thought of comparing and switching is too difficult so they don’t even try.

Many people who have used online price comparison sites have found the process quite straightforward and some have actually managed to save hundreds of pounds, every year!


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