Energy Price Cap and Tariffs

New energy price cap and tariffs from 1st October 2022

Stubborn energy switcherListening to the news about the increase in the ENERGY CAP makes people worried about the future costs of gas and electricity. But in addition to looking at the ENERGY CAP, one should be looking at the ENERGY TARIFFS for your gas and electricity USAGE.

Be prepared for new tariffs from you supplier if not already received, and see how they compare with the prices on your last bill. Everyone will pay different amounts depending on how much you use, but your tariffs are the same in your energy region.

Yes, this is a major shock, but it doesn’t mean you pay this. The energy cap is “Based on Ofgem price cap rates and customer with typical usage, paying by direct debit.” But, some people do not use the typical usage, and others use much more than typical usage. There are ways to reduce USAGE so that you can keep costs down.

Note: For details of the British Gas tariffs, see the British Gas website which also has useful information about the government discounts and many more helpful information.

How do we reduce energy usage?


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