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Gas meter - Metric measurement in cubic meters

Gas cost calculator

Gas cost calculator

Smart meters are best, but if you don’t have a smart meter, you can use meter readings to calculate the cost of gas you’ve used. This will help monitor and manage the cost of gas for your home.

Your gas meter is either Imperial (cubic feet – ft3), or Metric (cubic meters -m3). You can see which type you have by looking at the front screen on the actual meter.

Gas meter – Imperial measurement in cubic feet
Gas meter – Metric measurement in cubic meters

Read the meter any time, but the end of each month is a good time because then you can work out the monthly cost.

Keep your meter readings and dates taken, then enter them on this calculator.

You also need the cost you pay per kilowatt hour. This is found on your bill. Check if it includes vat.

Meter readings are converted to kilowatt hours using conversion calculations (which are done automatically in this calculator), and then the gas bill is calculated using your contracted rate per kWh. (more…)

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