Business energy costs

Business energy costs make up a large part of operating expenses.

business energy costsWhatever that can be done to reduce these costs goes directly to the bottom line.

So, how to reduce your business energy costs?



  • Plant and machinery

    – Energy audits can identify ways to reduce the amount of gas or electricity used by business equipment. Unless you carry out your own thorough audits, it may be worthwhile contacting an energy audit form for assistance.

  • Heating and cooling

    – insulation is very important to keep generated heat in and cold air out. Check walls, roofs and floors for good insulation.  Check thermostat temperatures are at the correct settings. If you can keep the warm air contained inside then the re-heating costs should go down or similar for air-conditioned cool air.

  • Lighting

    – this is low energy consumption compared to heating and machinery operations, but still, it’s worth checking lights are off as much as possible. Low energy light bulbs, timers, and movement detectors can all help reduce lighting usage.

  • Running cost calculators

    Try using our running cost calculators to see how much each item of electrical equipment costs. Try and identify high consumption items and then try and reduce usage there.

  • Business energy tariffs

    The big one – The tariffs you pay. There are two issues, one is the suppliers’ prices, and the other is where you get the prices from. All energy suppliers want your business and therefore you can take advantage of special prices being offered to attract your custom. Make sure you watch out for special deals when you are ready for a new contract.

  • Business energy tariff quotes

    Unless you have heaps of time, it’s difficult to survey all available suppliers business energy prices, which is why using an independent broker makes a lot of good sense. We provide this service just by either calling 0800 156 0861 or just click here or use our Business Energy Quote links below.

  • The bottom line

    Operating a business, whether small, medium, large conglomerate, or multi-location business, is always a battle between business revenues and operating costs. By taking steps to keep business energy bills as low as possible, this helps significantly in improving the bottom line for your business. Contact us any time to get organised with business energy prices, preferably well before the end of your current contract for your business energy costs.


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