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Month-end is always a good time to check energy prices and see if savings are available.

energy price checkYou can check energy prices and savings in your postcode area quite easily – just enter the postcode and supply information to see savings available. It’s also easy to switch to a new supplier, all within a few minutes.

There’s no commitment to just look and see. It’s only if you decide to go ahead with the switch that you enter the detailed information required by the new supplier. After that, the new supplier takes care of everything else.

For some people, it’s difficult to look at the gas and electric options. This may be because they may be happy, settled and taken care of by their existing supplier. It’s what suppliers do, not only for gas and electric but for everything we buy. This includes food from supermarkets where they all want your business. They all need high standards otherwise they lose business to competitors. But, at the same time, prices for their standard customers are sometimes much higher than prices available elsewhere.

Amazingly, some home customers can save hundreds of pounds a year on gas and electric bills. And anyone who previously switched to a fixed tariff which is ending can save significant sums on a new deal rather than simply defaulting to the default tariff offered by the supplier.

For business energy customers, savings can be far greater, just by making a quick call. Businesses work hard to make money and should be looking everywhere to save money, especially on utility bills. Just a phone call will give business people access to a large range of available tariff that you need to make a decision on which supplier to choose.

Take the time to check this out and you may be very nicely surprised with savings available.

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