How much could I save on gas and electric

Stubborn energy switcherHow much cash could I save if I was still with my original gas and electric suppliers?

Just imagine! There are still people who haven’t switched and may be completely unaware of the savings available! Send them a link to this article and maybe they can save some quick money.


  1. Click on the Postcode icon – on the right side of this page or below so the calculator knows which energy region you are in.
  2. Enter your postcode, and click Compare. (Skip the house address for now.) (This test uses a West Midlands postcode)
  3. Answer:
    1. Yes to Gas and No to dual fuel tariff, to see savings compared to original suppliers.
    2. Gas supplier – British Gas, standard tariff, payable on receipt of bill.
    3. Electric Supplier – Npower, standard tariff, payable on receipt of bill. Not economy 7.
    4. Usage – Click I don’t know and select 2/3 bedrooms.
    5. Note, these answers are just so you can see how much you are saving compared to your original energy suppliers before the energy market opened up to allow suppliers to offer different prices.
  4. Click:
    1. Click “Find cheaper deals”, and also…
    2. Click “Include plans that require switching directly through the supplier”


    1. In this test case, if I was still with my original suppliers on a standard tariff, paid on receipt of the bill, in one year, I would save






Next step:

Having seen savings available for someone on their original supply, it’s worth looking at your own savings by re-running this comparison using your existing suppliers, tariffs, payments and usages and see what your current potential savings are. You may be nicely surprised!

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