UK Energy Prices are on the rise

You may have heard already on the news, but on the 1st of April inflation made an impact on the world of energy bills, and that is no April fool. The trouble is, energy is something that all of us need in order to keep our families warm and run our houses. Energy companies know this, which is why a price increase is always met with frustration across the UK. This price increase is no different.


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Checked your energy prices recently?

Cooler weather = more energy used = bigger bills!

It’s a good time to see what can be done to keep energy prices and costs down as far as possible. Cooler weather means using more heating energy and we can therefore expect our energy costs to increase.

Energy is measured in kilowatt hours and each energy bill shows how many kilowatt hours you have used. If you have access to your past bills you can see how many kWh’s you have used.

You can save some costs by keeping the usage of kWh’s down as much as possible by means of insulation improvements, double glazing, shared baths, etc.


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