Student Energy Supply: Registering your energy providers

Student Energy Supply

Feeling completely lost? No idea how to even start sorting out your bills? You’re not alone. Learning about how to navigate bills is an essential (if boring) life skill and Switchwise is here to make it easier and cheaper! In order to get the best deal by switching you first have to register your property with the current energy provider.

1. Ask your landlord who your various energy suppliers are for water, gas and electricity.

2. Read your meter. If you are liable to pay for your bills, make sure that you record an accurate meter reading. If you have a digital meter read all the numbers (including zeros) from left to right. Do not include the red number or any numbers after it in your reading. If you have an imperial meter, do not read numbers after the decimal point or space. Make sure you do this as soon as you move in so you don’t have to pay for any energy used by the previous tenants.

3. Call your existing supplier to let them know who you are and register the address, even if you’re intending to switch. Make sure you aware of the supplier, tariff and payment method of the property so you can switch.

4. Decide on your payment option. You need to decide which account you will use to pay energy bills. Whether you are paying by direct debit or as you receive your bill, the money has to come from somewhere. Unless a housemate is happy for the money to leave their own account it is a good idea to set up a joint account that you will all pay into regularly. Setting up a regular monthly standing order into this account or setting aside £30-£40 per month will help you to budget accordingly.

4. Time to switch! Switchwise is a unique home energy gas and electricity comparison tool that doesn’t need any personal details besides your post code. All you need to know is your current tariff and payment method. You could save over £200!

5. You will be contacted to have the switching process fully explained to you. It should take around 4-6 weeks and you won’t experience any disrupted supply.

5. Place the names of all your housemates on the bill. When you set up your new bill, ensure your energy supplier has the names of all your housemates. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re only required to pay your portion of the bill. If a housemate fails to pay up, you will still all be liable to make up the remaining amount.

It’s not all doom and gloom though, your £200 saving is equivalent to 44 XL Big Mac Meals – perfect for those term-time hangover hungers! Sorting out your bills doesn’t have to be a headache. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be up and running in no time.