Switch home energy suppliers

How to Switch Home Energy Suppliers?

The main way to switch home energy suppliers is to compare your prices with all other suppliers prices. This only takes minutes.

Then, just apply and switch to a cheaper energy supplier.

All this can be done right here in one go.

Just start by entering your postcode.
(This tells the calculator which region you are in:)

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You can easily switch energy suppliers, or from one tariff to another, and the process involves 3 steps:

  1. Gather your existing supply information. This could be a bill or annual statement. Or you can just use estimates available on the calculator.
  2. Enter your existing supply details in the calculator and get a detailed comparison list. This will be shown in order of lowest cost first.
  3. Select a supplier with better prices and complete their application form. The application forms follow on from the results page and have all your calculation details included already.

After this, just wait for the new supplier to contact you and arrange the transfer. It takes a while to complete the transfer, around 4 to 6 weeks, and savings start as soon as the new supplier is in place.