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Gas bill calculator

Calculate your gas bill based on meter readings. Have you ever wanted to know how much your gas bill is costing without waiting for your monthly bill? Or how much the gas costs between two dates? If so, here’s a simple way of doing it using this gas bill calculator. First, take a meter reading at the […]


How much does your gas cost each day?

Gas Running Cost Calculator To get a handle of your gas costs. Gas cost calculations Gas is just there isn’t it? We don’t go out and buy it like groceries or petrol. It’s there at our gas ovens or boilers on demand and we just go ahead and use it. That’s fine during the summer […]


What Rate per kWh do you pay for energy?

This is the main question when it comes to saving money on energy bills. If you’re buying petrol, you might compare the price per litre at one garage versus another garage, and you might choose the less expensive option because it costs less. Well, it’s the same for gas and electricity. Each supplier charges different […]