How to switch energy supplier

1. Gather your information.

Before you start, you should have a good idea about the amount of Kilowatt Hours (kWh’s) of gas and electricity you use. In order to switch energy supplier you will also need the supplier name, and the tariff name.

2. Run a price comparison on

Use the price comparison calculator by entering your postcode, existing gas and electricity suppliers, tariff names that your are on now, how many kWh’s you use (actual, estimates, or amounts paid), then click Compare Prices to obtain a complete list of every gas and electricity tariff available in your region.

3. Review the results.

Look over the results list to see how your existing energy suppliers compare with the others that are available. Best savings are at the top of the list. Look to see where your supplier is shown.

If you are still with your original gas and electricity suppliers, you may find that you can save by switching to dual fuel with either one of them. You may be able to save more by switching to another supplier.

4. Fill in the switching application form.

When you are ready to switch, use the links from the comparison results page. Complete all information requested and submit the form. 

5. Job done! The new supplier will contact you directly.

Wait until you receive communications from the new supplier (or suppliers) with further instructions. You will be asked to provide meter readings which will be used by both suppliers to prepare final and opening bills. Other than waiting for information to arrive, there’s nothing else you need to do. The new supplier(s) will contact you within about 2 weeks and it takes between 4 to 6 weeks to fully complete the transfer.

Ready to give it a go? Just enter your postcode to start.

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